Kraay junior spot new PSV gem (16): “What a violent man this is, say!”

Hans Kraay junior has discovered a new gem in the PSV course. The ESPN analyst calls sixteen-year-old Isaac Babadi the new Ihattar Wednesday night.
Babadi overcame a leg fracture at a young age, was allowed to sign his first pro contract in April and recently played with PSV youth in the Future of Football Cup, a tournament that experimented with new rules of play. There he liked ESPN staff Kees Kwakman and Milan van Dongen, but also my colleague Kraay was impressed. Ive seen them play twice now: Isaac Babadi, sixteen years old… , let him weep in Football Talk Wednesday.
What a violent man this is, say! says the lyrical Kraay, who predicts the PSV talent a big future. That will be the new Ihattars, but even faster. Isaac Babadi, sixteen years!
Babadi came out for PSV O18 last season, but is already dreaming of a debut as prof. In PSV 1. Sneakly, yes, he already got rid of himself when asked.