Kriss Kross about cancellation 538 Oranjedag: Still a setback

Yuki Kempees of DJ company Kriss Kross Amsterdam understands the cancellation of 538 Orange Day, but regrets that the trial event will not take place on Saturday. โ€œIts a setback anyway.โ€

The 538 party has aroused commotion over the past few days. Employees of the nearby Amphia Hospital had launched a petition on Saturday against the feast that would attract ten thousand visitors. Kempees saw the cancellation coming, as he says on RTL Boulevard: โ€œYou are aware of the situation yourself and you can hear the messages from the hospital.โ€

The artist understands the decision of the municipality of Breda not to grant a licence, but had no doubts about the participation of Kriss Kross. โ€œAs an artist, you just say yes to something like that right away. Although we had to blink with our eyes when we saw ten thousand men coming.โ€

It was the only big event on the agenda of the Amsterdam DJ trio. โ€œWe mainly play live streams, so this was a great opportunity on a bigger stage with an audience. We were very looking forward to it.โ€