Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in trailer drama ‘Spencer’

The debut trailer for the drama tape Spencer: The Mystery of Princess Diana starring Kristen Stewart (Charlie‘s Angels, Twilight) in the title role has appeared on the network. As easy to guess, the film will explore Diana Spencer’s uneasy life and her relationship with the royal family of Great Britain. The tape will focus on the period when the relationship between Diana and Prince Charles is finally faded, but she still has to meet unwanted relatives on Christmas Day.

The film was directed by Pablo Larraín (The Story of Lisi), and the Russian premiere is on November 4. By the way, the fifth season is expected to premiere next year ; Crowns Netflix, where Dianu is played by Elizabeth Debicki (The Affair).

In the fourth, the same part was performed by Emma Korine. More on Gamermania Horror Slasher The Unliving goes into early access on October 26 Park Beyond authors promise we can perform any fantasies alpha testing Synced: Off Planet kicks off September 3.