Kroes does not seem to be on the way to Ajax: ‘Challenges have come my way’

Alex Kroes does not seem to be heading to Ajax. The major shareholder of Go Ahead Eagles was named in Amsterdam, but laughs off that suggestion in conversation with the Stentor.
The name of Kroes sings around Ajax, that much is clear. โ€œThere are challenges outside Go Ahead that have come my way, though. Ajax is not part of that, although I do want to stay in the football world. One hundred percent. I‘ve been to England regularly for the last period. That’s where I looked at interesting projects. Whether my future is abroad? I certainly wouldn‘t rule it out,โ€ says Kroes.
Kroes joined as a major shareholder of Go Ahead Eagles more than three years ago. Prior to that, he set up real estate agency SEG. The news that he’
s leaving came hard. โ€œIt also hit like a bomb at the end of the afternoon at the end of the club.โ€
โ€œThere was a tear here and there, also with me. Emotion and love are close together. Time has flown. I worked here for 3.5 years, actually way too short. I feel connected to this club, but a lot of reasons have ultimately led me to make this difficult but correct decision.โ€