Krol leads on EK sprint after excellent 1.000 meters, Verbij chance after fall

After the first day, Thomas Krol is surprisingly leading the European Championships sprint, thanks to a good 500 meters and an excellent 1,000 meters.

Krol, who usually excels at the longer sprint distance, started the tournament in Heerenveen with a personal record on the 500 meters. At 34.90, he sweeted 0.07 off his record time.

On the 1,000 meter Krol then struck a gap with his competitors: the Dutch champion clocked 1,07,49 and was no less than 0.78 seconds faster than Hein Otterspeer, who drove to the second time with 1.08,27.

โ€œ I certainly did not think that I would be at the top,โ€ Krol said after his strong 1,000 meters.

Watch the conversation with Thomas Krol below:

Otterspeer, who has been the reigning Dutch sprint champion since November, stands second in the ranking at 0,34 from Krol.

โ€œ It‘s up to me to keep the damage limited on the 500. I should be able to end tomorrow with a good 1,000,โ€ said Krol about his chances of winning the European sprint title.

โ€œ Of course, it would be really cool, but if I start thinking about it now, it probably won’t work out at all.โ€

Far chance after fall

Krol and Otterspeer no longer have to fear for their teammate Kai Verbij. By falling, the two-time European champion sprint can write a third title on his stomach.

On the 500 meters before the first turn went down after he had stuck with the tip of his skate in the ice.

Check out the 500 meter summary and Kai Verbij reaction below:

Well, far away regrabbed himself on the 1,000 meters. With 1.08,17 he drove to the second time, but due to his fall a top ranking in the ranking is no longer possible.

As a

result, Verbij experiences a completely different European Championship than he was used to. The tournament will be organized for the third time this year and in the previous two editions, in 2017 and 2019, the title went to Verbij.

Moushtakov wins 500 meters

Viktor Moushtakov went to the lead after the 500 meters. He was allowed to lose 0.42 seconds on Krol at the 1,000 meter, but the Russian had to admit almost two seconds.

The German Joel Dufter surprised with a second place in the 500 meter (34,79). At the 1,000 meter he was fourth (1.08,57), which allowed him to start the final day on Sunday as the number three of the general classification.

The European Championships sprint and the European Championships all-round are the first international skating competitions of the season. All the skaters who participate this weekend have been found negative in a corontest.

The international ice skating stop will spend a total of five weeks in a bubble in Heerenveen. After this weekend, two more World Cup matches and the World Cup distances in Thialf will follow.