Kuipers about defining moment at PSV-Vitesse: ‘Beautiful sliding by Baumgartl’

The most discussed moment of PSV vitesse took place just before rest: Armando Broja seemed on his way to the 0-2, but the Vitesse striker was unbalanced by Erick Gutiรฉrrez. Arbiter Bjรถrn Kuipers initially gave a penalty, placed the ball on the recommendation of the VAR outside sixteen meters, but left his yellow card for Gutiรฉrrez.

Kuipers did not think that Broja had been deprived of a 100% scoring chance: Timo Baumgartl was still running with his teammate Gutiรฉrrez. โ€œThe question is: does this player only go for the goal? Well, I don‘t think it’s a convincing goal scoring opportunity. Especially because Baumgartl is already a beautiful sliding bet here and is more at the ball than the attacker. For me it was a yellow cardโ€, the leader from Oldenzaal informed ESPN afterwards.
Vitesse-goalkeeper Remko Pasveer wondered whether this explanation was in line with the rules of the game. โ€œI thought it was strange,โ€ said the routinely to ESPN. โ€œBecause I think it‘s so: in the sixteen it’s yellow and penalty, out there it‘s red and free kick. But he interpreted it differently: a breakthrough player, but he (Broja, red.) did not control the ball. That’s how it was explained to me.โ€