Kuipers and Van Gennip are considering steps after Nazitweet FVDer Van Houwelingen

Ministers Kuipers and Van Gennip find a Twitter message from Forum for Democracy MP Van Houwelingen shocking. In that tweet, Van Houwelingen posted a photo of Kuipers hoisting a flag with a swastika. Minister Van Gennip was also shown in the photo. The ministers say that they are considering further steps.

On Friday, Kuipers raised the flag of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and posted a photo of them on Twitter. SDGs are the global goals for sustainable development, which should end extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change. The goals have been set by the United Nations and they are being embraced by the cabinet. Kuipers‘ tweet states: โ€œA healthy and livable planet for everyone, that’s what we can work on as a ministry and healthcare sector.โ€

Yesterday, Van Houwelingen posted a tweet with the same photo as Kuipers‘, and added a photoshopped image of the minister holding a Nazi flag. Above that, the FVD MP wrote โ€œthe facade and realityโ€.

โ€œNew lowโ€

Kuipers and Van Gennip today speak of โ€œa new low point in the treatment of administrators and politiciansโ€. According to The Hague sources, the cabinet is considering filing a complaint against Van Houwelingen. A discussion with the House about the events is also possible.

D66 party leader Jan Paternotte says he is filing a complaint with the Board of Inquiry Integrity of the House of Representatives โ€œto ensure that this does not go unpunishedโ€.

Van Houwelingen’s tweet resulted in many, especially negative, reactions. Many believe that the Member of Parliament has gone too far. Someone called Van Houwelingen: โ€œDon‘t do thisโ€. The FVD’er replied: โ€œWhy not? Don‘t those SDGs symbolize evil? The globalists 2030 agenda? The totalitarian society?โ€ Today, by the way, van Houwelingen deleted his tweet.

Earlier this week, there was also a fuss about Forum for Democracy. During the General Political Reflections in the House of Representatives, the cabinet left the room in protest, after FVD leader Baudet called the Oxford college where Minister Kaag studied a โ€œtraining institute for Western secret servicesโ€. President of Parliament Bergkamp asked Baudet to take back his words. When he refused and repeated the thrust of his story, the chairman decided that the FVD leader was no longer allowed to participate in the debate.