Kuipers cannot agree with criticism about wrong numbers at press conference

Minister Kuipers of Health cannot agree with criticism from MPs and researchers that he did not properly deal with the figures yesterday at the corona press conference.

That‘s what he said in a debate in the House of Representatives. MPs from SP, GroenLinks, SGP and Denk, among others, reproached the minister for using an overly optimistic figure about the effect of corona access certificates.

Kuipers said at the press conference that the corona access certificate could โ€œreduce infections to 15 percentโ€. He was based on an investigation by TU Delft that was published last week.

MPs pointed out that 15 percent will only be achieved if you use it much wider, including in workplaces and in stores. Because no one intends to do so for the time being, the MPs think that Kuipers should not have said so, and the effect of the corona access certificate is too bright. Partly because of the growing opposition to the admission ticket, the parties are wondering whether the minister could not have spoken more nuanced about the investigation.

This is what Kuipers said yesterday:

SP MP Hijink went a step further and said the minister is โ€œcheating on the root ballโ€. Kuipers called that โ€œbig wordsโ€ in a response. According to him, he has maintained the good formulations from the investigation: that the admission ticket can have a dampening effect on the infections of up to 15 percent.

Kuipers added that as far as he is concerned, โ€œany percentage that can work dampening is worthwhileโ€. He pointed out the high number of infections, which is likely to increase enormously as well.

The minister did not address criticism from researchers that in the press conference two charts on boosters were juxtaposed that could not really have been compared to each other.

Hospitality no later closed

In the debate, some parties asked for even more relaxation for the culture and hospitality industry: why shouldn’t they close an hour later? Prime Minister Rutte firmly rejected that proposal. According to him, the cabinet is already doing โ€œmuch more than the OMT advisedโ€ and stretching even longer given the high infection rates is not justified. He further pointed out that the Security Council had come to the conclusion that one end time is better to maintain.