Kuipers wants a curfew as soon as possible because of British variant

The Netherlands should introduce a curfew as soon as possible in order to minimise the risks of the advance of the British variant of the coronavirus. That plea made President Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care today in his weekly press moment.

Last week, the number of infections in the Netherlands decreased by 22 percent compared to the seven days before. In Britain and Ireland, too, the figures went down over the last week, following lockdown measures taken in those countries. A curfew wasnt there.

But in the eyes of Kuipers, the Netherlands cannot afford to take risks in all the uncertainty that exists around the more contagious British variant. If you want to do something about it, you have to do it now. As it were, you already have to brake the moment you see the bend coming in the distance.

Everything you do before has a bigger impact, says Kuipers in this video:

According to Kuipers, the Netherlands could, in the worst case, have an IC-occupancy of 1750 beds at the end of March. Thats higher than at any time during the first wave.

The establishment of a curfew is one of the ways to do something about this, but Kuipers would also welcome it if the vaccination rate was increased. Because thats the best way to contain the virus. He previously offered that hospitals could play a greater role in this vaccination than is currently foreseen.


Moreover, the consultation of the 25 security regions on curfew was postponed one day today. Many mayors are critical of curfew. They fear that it cannot be maintained and wonder whether it will reduce the number of infections sufficiently. The House of Representatives is not positive either.

After the deliberations tomorrow in Utrecht, the mayors have to come up with a joint opinion to the cabinet on the curfew.