Kujo archer Sarah to be new Genshin Impact character

Update 2. 1 will add a new character to Genshin Impact โ€” an archer named Kujo Sara. MiHoyo dedicated a trailer to her in which the heroine talked about her clan and also showed off her fighting style.

In addition to the bow, Sarah specializes in electro-damage and sapport of other characters. The heroine‘s usual attack is to fire arrows at the enemy, while the reinforced one is a sharp shot.

In addition, Kujo Sara uses her talents on the battlefield: electro-damage and amplification buff Allies abilities, as well as a whirlwind call with additional bonuses. In addition to the new heroine, Update 2.

1 will add two islands to the game and complete Archon’s quest. The release will be on September 1.

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