Kuyt: A terrible evening, this hurts, but I wont panic

For Dirk Kuyt, his debut as head coach of ADO Den Haag felt like a cold shower. The 104-time international speaks of a terrible evening, but does not let down courage.
โ€œThis is very disappointing. Firstly, for the five hundred supporters from The Hague who traveled along, but also for the players who have trained very hard in recent weeks. They have failed themselves. You can lose to Heracles here, but the way is very sour,โ€ Kuyt says afterwards at ESPN.
โ€œWe did expect a small storm here and so did. Things went wrong in that. We couldnt get over that for the entire first half. I think the 3-0 was offside. Thats not easy, but thats not the problem,โ€ continues the former attacker. โ€œOverall, it wasnt all good. The players did not have the form they had in the preparation.โ€
Kuyt acknowledges that the players did not comply with agreements. โ€œWe ask a lot from the guys, thats a process. There will always be times when it goes away for a while. I had a completely different feeling prior to the game, so this does hurt I must say. But I have a lot of faith in this group and we are not going to put our ambitions in the fridge,โ€ says Kuyt, who has emphasized several times that ADO wants to play for the championship.
According to Kuyt, it is important to continue on the same footing above all. โ€œI
m not panicking now that we lose a game once. We have a terrible night, we have zero points, but we havent lost more than that.โ€