Kuyt gate closer with ADO: ‘I actually want to use a swear word’

Dirk Kuyt is disappointed by the way ADO Den Haag lost to MVV Maastricht on Friday night. After only fifteen seconds it was hit for the Limburgers and eventually ADO went down 3-1.
After three duels, the Hagenaars are now gate closer in the Kitchen Champion Division with zero points. โ€œYou can shout about it, I can say anything about my players, but I‘m not going to do that. I really appreciate them,โ€ Kuyt at ESPN responds. โ€œI know how difficult it is for them. We have to get out of this very difficult situation together. When you see how hard everyone works, they are so much short of themselves by starting a competition like that.โ€
Kuyt refuses to sit by the suits. โ€œWe’
re not giving up, we‘re moving on. It’s very painful, it‘s terrible to lose again. Especially the way. At the break, you think you can come back into the match and then you get chances, but it flies in on the other side. That is very painful.โ€ Nevertheless, he is not yet despondent, according to the ex-Feyenoorder. โ€œNo, I just think… I actually want to use a swear word, but I’m not going to.โ€
According to Kuyt, ADO has much more potential than it currently comes out. โ€œBut trust is so important in sports. You also need luck to get over the dead center, which you make the 2-2 in the second half, for example. Then you can take a big step forward, but now we are in reverse.โ€