Kuyt not criticizing: ‘Nice to piss someone off when things go bad’

Dirk Kuyt is not concerned with outside criticism and still believes in his team. The trainer of ADO The Hague will face the leader PEC Zwolle on Friday evening.
In the run-up to the game, Kuyt speaks to ESPN about the criticism he has to endure. โ€œI‘m not so concerned, how much it’s about me. That‘s what you have to deal with from your football past and I’m a starting coach. The results are just not good, so you know that people have something to say about that and I can deal with that very well.โ€
Despite the poor results, Kuyt still believes fully in its players. โ€œI know what this group has in it. It‘s just a shame it hasn’t come out yet, but I‘m convinced it’s going to work out. I think I can deal with that pressure and criticism. The fact that it sometimes gets a little personal is a bit annoying in the Netherlands, but it is what it is.โ€
According to Kuyt, the outside world finds it particularly amusing that ADO is not doing well. โ€œThat‘s a bit Dutch. We love to annoy people when things are not going well. To see people who have done something, in my opinion, a long time ago as players, go less well. I then think: give each other the best. Live and let live, I always say,โ€ Kuyt concludes.

๐Ÿ—จ๏ธ Dirk Kuijt is not so concerned with the criticism he receives.โ€ The Dutch love to annoy people when things don’t go wellโ€ #pecado pic.twitter.com/iubroTyJ5x
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 16, 2022