Kuyt talks to ADO supporters: ‘Went in a healthy way’

ADO Den Haag trainer Dirk Kuyt entered into a conversation with some of the supporters on Sunday. The club‘s lesser results were the reason for this.
ADO is doing anything but well and that’
s why supporters came to get a story at the training. โ€œSupporters who are very disappointed with a lot of things at the club. Then it‘s nice to have a conversation,โ€ says Kuyt at ESPN.
โ€œThat it’
s not a nice conversation where you tell each other the truth, for sure, but we‘re grown men talking to each other. There is often a negative talk about supporters, but it has gone in a very healthy way. It wasn’t even a discussion,โ€ says de Katwijker.
โ€œI don‘t know the supporters very well yet, but I’ve noticed the dissatisfaction. They don‘t like it all going so well, I think that’s what I thinkโ€, he says. ADO is currently ranked sixteenth in the Kitchen Champion Division.