Kuyt tips Feyenoord: ‘Ajax made it Blind and Tadic’

Dirk Kuyt thinks Feyenoord needs experience and leadership. If there is 20 million euros left, Feyenoord will have to invest in former players.
Kuyt looked back at the lost match against Ajax at FC Rijnmond. Feyenoord also missed in the Classical leaders. I was a player myself who came back. When I stopped, I saw Van Persie. Experienced players who can take boys and tell what is really important. And that‘s performing on the field. You miss that sometimes, says Kuyt.
If you’
re talking about what Feyenoord needs now, these are types like Stefan de Vrij and Georginio Wijndalum. They may not come back yet, but Ajax made it to Blind and Tadic during the period I quit. If you see what she‘s got, Feyenoord needs it, too. If you got ten or twenty million, I’d get one of those two guys.