Kuyt: ‘We won PSV 3-0, then I had to take a yellow card’

Champions League analyst Dirk Kuyt sees old footage of himself back Wednesday night, in matches with Liverpool against PSV. This reminds him of the yellow card he had to take in April 2007 from then manager Rafael Benรญtez.

PSV and Liverpool faced off in the quarter-finals, while Kuyt was about to become a father. During the duel in Eindhoven, Liverpool made all the difference. โ€œI think we won 3-0, and then Benรญtez required me to take a mandatory second yellow card. And then I was able to stay home that week after that, to be at the birth of my child,โ€ says Kuyt in the RTL studio.
His son Roan was born on April 11, 2007, the day of return for which he was suspended. However, that took him a lot of effort: the yellow card only came in the injury time. โ€œI kept looking for that yellow card and I couldnt get it. So at some point I only got to the ball.โ€

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