Kwakman amazed after press conference: ‘I thought it was a crazy explanation of Van Gaal’

Kees Kwakman found Louis van Gaals explanation for selecting Devyne Rensch crazy. ESPNs analyst thinks the Ajax defender is with Orange because Van Gaal is a fan of his.
Rensch had to report to Orange because teammate Jurriรซn Timber was slightly injured. However, the former barely plays at Ajax, while Van Gaal finds that a major reason for not selecting players. At the press conference, the national coach explained why he calls Rensch after all. โ€œI think Van Gaals philosophy no longer fits in todays time, because the tendency is that there is a lot more rotating. Veltman and Karsdorp? Thats not options right nowโ€
โ€œI thought it was a crazy explanation,โ€ Kwakman responds to Van Gaal
s words at Football Talk. โ€œI think hes just a big fan of Rensch and wants him to be there.โ€
Kwakman then wonders why Joรซl Veltman is not selected. Reporter Christian Willaert thinks it has to do with
the dynamic. โ€œVeltman disrupting the dynamics? That doesnt seem to me,โ€ says Kwakman. โ€œHes been there so many times. I think Van Gaal thinks Rensch has more qualities.โ€