KWF Cancer control nominated for quack award

The Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij has nominated KWF Kankerbestrijding for the Meester Kackadoris Prize 2020. The renowned KWF is one of the six candidates for the association‘s prize, which fights against cheating and pseudoscience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

According to the association, the KWF offers a wide range of non-regular treatments, such as acupuncture, therapeutic touch and aromatherapy. The VtdK says that these supposed treatments involve non-existent energy fields that are influenced by needles or flapping hands.


Another candidate for the quack award is NIP, the Netherlands Institute for Psychologists. This involves so-called neurofeedback therapy, which would receive a lot of attention on the institute’s website.

According to the VtdK, neurofeedback, which is not reimbursed by the (supplementary) healthcare insurance, is very expensive, while there is no scientific basis.


The Master Kackadoris Prize is awarded each year by the Association against Quackery to individuals or institutions that promote quackery. It is not about people (or companies) who practice quackery themselves.

The winner will be announced on 3 October at 13:30 at an online symposium on the dangers of social media for health.