LÉquipe: UEFA wants Swiss Champions League system, 84 matches extra

L‘Équipe shared the details of the new Champions League system on Wednesday. UEFA has started discussions about the new competition format of the billionaire ball — which is due to take shape from 2024 onwards —: according to L’Équipe, the so-called Swiss system is currently being looked at.

It has been clear that UEFA wants to get rid of the group phase. According to the new model, the number of participants will be increased from 32 to 36, playing ten matches in the first phase of the tournament: five at home and five out. The clubs that meet each other are determined on the basis of the UEFA club coefficients ranking. In the end, one large ranking is drawn up: the numbers one to eight go directly to the knockout phase, the numbers nine to 24 play playoffs for the remaining eight places, the numbers 25 to 32 are ready.
The first phase of the tournament will therefore be greatly expanded: 180 matches in total plus playoffs, compared with the 96 matches currently being played in the pool phase. In addition, the Thursday should be added to the Champions League midweek, which currently consists of only Tuesday and Wednesday. Until 2024, a Champions League winner will only have to play thirteen games in the billionaire ball, according to the new model, this should be seventeen or nineteen.
The future of the Champions League after 2024 has been under discussion for a long time. The European elite clubs, led by FC Barcelona, threatened to start a Super League themselves, but those plans seem to be put on the fridge. FIFA has already announced that players from Super League clubs are not allowed to participate in World Cup and European Championships.

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— Ágora Fútbol (@AgoraFutbol) February 10, 2021