La Palma rescuers dogs send video to news site

The Spanish news site Jara y Sedal has published a video showing the three dogs rescued from La Palma flooded area on La Palma. They are skinny but make a lively, cheerful impression while getting to eat and drink.

According to the news site, they are hunting dogs and have been rescued by hunters, friends of the owner who is also hunters. They want to remain anonymous because it was strictly forbidden to enter the lava flooded area. When their names become known, they risk a high fine.

The images of the dogs:

The 70-year-old owner was hunting on September 19th when the Cumbre Vieja volcano suddenly erupted. The dogs flew and became enclosed by lava.

Because the lava remained hot for a long time, no one could join it and the dogs were supplied with water and food by air. A plan was also being developed to lure them into nets that would be flown to the inhabited world with a drone.

It didnt come that far. On Thursday, the animals suddenly disappeared. According to the news site, that must have happened Sunday. The lava would have cooled down enough. The rescuers left a banner saying that the dogs were safe and the โ€œA-Teamโ€ was responsible for it.

On social media, the anonymous rescuers spread these images – showing the Spanish-language intro of the American action series The A-Team: