La Palma volcano has started spewing lava again

After a few hours of rest, the volcano on the Canary island of La Palma has started spewing lava again. The volcano has been active for over eight days. Four East Coast areas went into lockdown earlier Monday. Hundreds of residents of those coastal areas must stay at home and keep doors and windows closed.

Earlier in the day, the volcano had already stopped spewing lava, and then reactivated. Later in the afternoon, the volcano fell still again. Experts already warned that the situation on La Palma could change in a short period of time. The volcano is unpredictable.


has been warned for several days when the lava reaches the sea. As soon as this happens, the lava that hits the sea water can cause explosions and toxic gases. Currently, two streams of lava are about one kilometre away from the sea.

The island has a total of 83,000 inhabitants. No deaths or serious injuries have been reported since the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption over a week ago.

The volcano eruption began on September 19. Thousands of people were evacuated, including Dutch tourists. Hundreds of buildings and roads have been destroyed by lava flows. Air traffic has been shut down several times. On the night of Saturday and Sunday, an ash cloud from La Palma crossed the Netherlands.