Lance Reddick says hes working on Horizon Forbidden West again

Actor Lance Reddick, known for the film John Wick and the TV shows The Wire and Resident Evil, appears to be involved in a future expansion to Horizon Forbidden West. On Twitter, he posted a short video from the motion capture platform and said that he was headlong at work. Unfortunately, the actor deleted his tweet right away โ€” its probably time to report the unannounced add-on has not yet arrived.

Fortunately, a screenshot of the post has been preserved online. Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, Lance Reddick played and voiced Silence, an ally or an opponent by Aloy.

And the fact that Silence is still alive after the game finale and is preparing to do more to improve his understanding of saving the world can serve as a spoiler. More on Gambling The Minecraft Legends trailer was dedicated to familiar and unfamiliar monsters โ€œWe shovel our gutsโ€: Homicidal All-Stars promises violence for 11 out of 10 Shareware Undecember action movie is released in the West on October 12.