Land mine kills eleven Afghan citizens, including children

At least eleven civilians, including children, were killed in northern Afghanistan as a result of a landmine exploded. The car they were in drove over the mine, say the regional authorities of the province of Badghis.

Responsibility has not been claimed, but the authorities are accusing the Taliban of placing the land mine. The Taliban deny any involvement. A spokesman emphasises on Twitter that the Islamic group is committed to peace.

The Taliban and the Afghan Government have been discussing a peace agreement for months, but they seem to be making little progress. Negotiation teams are back at the table in Qatar today. The Taliban have ensured the security of Afghan diplomats, but officials see the attack in Badghis as evidence to the contrary.

Civil casualties

While the talks continue, the violence threatens to flare up further. Most often, the attacks have a government target, taking large numbers of civilian casualties for granted.

According to the UN, in the first three months of this year, almost 1800 Afghan civilians were killed or injured during battles between government forces and the Taliban.