Land of War creators revealed 20 minutes of gameplay

The release of adventure war shooter Land of War — The Beginning: the game will be released on Steam on May 27. And its creator, a ten-person studio MS Games, showed a record of the beginning of the game. Action Land of War unfolds in a rare setting for games: the first shown mission starts on September 2, 1939 year in the area of Mokra village.

The day before, one of the few Polish victories took place: the Volyn brigade repulsed the advance of the Rheingard division. Joy, however, was short-lived: by night the Poles had to retreat.

And our first task – to break through the German trenches and save soldiers, during the regrouping of those behind the frontline. The authors of the game bet on the realism of what is happening: in the story they used archival documents, and we have to get acquainted with the weapons and equipment that were in service of the Polish army at the beginning of World War II.

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