Land of War release delay: The Beginning proved short-lived

The other day we wrote that the release of military shooter Land of War: The Beginning, scheduled for May 27, did not take place. Fortunately, the postponement proved short-lived: studio MS Games had already called a new date. The game is released on Steam June 10.

Developers assured that the work on the game is completely complete. And the forced delay was solely due to the need to remove Nazi symbols from it.

The changes made will not affect the game process. In an effort to make what is happening realistic, developers recreated in detail weapons, uniforms, machines and territories of the beginning of the Second World War wars in Poland.

And in this form Land of War it was impossible to release on the territory of Germany. However, fans of history should not be upset that now the realities of German paraphernalia have changed: soon after the release of the studio will release a patch that unlocks controversial symbols in countries where their use in games is not prohibited.

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