Landlord sneaks into tenants apartment to smell of underwear

A landlord from the U.S. state of Connecticut has reportedly walked into one of his tenants‘s apartment to sniff her underwear. The disturbing act was captured on hidden cameras


Jorge Orellana-Arias was sued for โ€œthird degree burglaryโ€ last week, after a woman told the police that she had video footage showing that in her apartment he and her clothes several times. daughter searched. Local media report that.

Hidden cameras

The woman first suspected that something was wrong last May. In an attempt to thwart the alleged intruder, she began to โ€œbarricade adjacent doors.โ€ Orellana-Arias then used another door to enter the house, police said. The woman finally decided to hang hidden cameras on it.

The video shows how Orellana-Arias brings female garments to his nose. The wife also stated that her landlord entered the house at some point while her daughter was home alone. โ€œApparently he was shocked by the girl’s presence and left the apartment immediately,โ€ the police said.

The landlord was arrested last Thursday and is in custody.

Orellana-Arias should appear in court on September 14.