Lang shows ‘annoying behavior’: ‘Sparkles why Ajax thought he was enfant terrible? ‘

Noa Lang has become one of the best players in the Jupiler Pro League at Club Brugge, but the last few weeks it has been difficult. The Belgian sports reporter Filip Joos sees that the former Ajacied is frustrated.
Over the past few weeks, Lang came in a negative picture a few times, among other things because of the duels with Royal Antwerp FC and miserable after an early change. โ€œAre we gradually seeing sparkles of why they found Lang an enfant terrible at Ajax?โ€ , analyst Joos wonders in the podcast 90 minutes.
For that stamp it may be a bit fast, but Joos judges that the 21-year-old attacker is not well in his skin at Club Brugge. โ€œI sometimes found his behavior on the field a bit annoying,โ€ he says. โ€œMentally he had a bit of trouble.โ€ For example, Lang to matchday thirty of the regular competition took only four yellow cards. In the last six duels, he already equaled that number.
Club Brugge is not in the playoffs for the championship in Belgium. The title holder lost 3-0 to KRC Genk last week and played a goal against Antwerp on Thursday. In both duels, Lang went on the ticket.