Laporta announces future plans Barรงa: ‘To get the club back out of the pit’

Joan Laporta held an extraordinary members meeting at FC Barcelona on Sunday. The chairman once again pointed out the previous board and explained how the financially plagued powerhouse should get back on top of it.
Barรงa closed the 2020/2021 season โ€” in which Josep Marรญa Bartomeu stepped out in October and Laporta became his successor in spring โ€” with a loss of nearly five hundred million euros. โ€œThe current financial situation is a consequence of the serious stings that the previous board has dropped. They can deliver the worst results in this club‘s history.โ€
However, Laporta promises improvement. In the meantime, player salaries have fallen from 568 million to 412 million euros and a ten-year loan from the US Goldman Sachs bank should provide additional capital. โ€œWe worked tirelessly for six months to pull this club out of the well. But, of course, that’
s not a situation that can be reversed overnight.โ€
Furthermore, Catalans remain close to their core values, says Laporta. The socios โ€” who had helped him win election โ€” continue to have an important vote in club policy. โ€œToday, the fate of FC Barcelona is in your hands, more than ever. The club is not owned by a country or an investment company, but will always remain members of the club.โ€