‘Laporta asks Koeman to stop giving interviews’

FC Barcelonas club leadership has advised Ronald Koeman to stop conducting interviews. Thats why, according to MARCA, a performance at Johnny de Mols program, HLF8, could not go ahead.
According to the editors of that programme, Barcelona President Joan Laporta gave a stick to Koeman
s participation in HFL8, even though the trainer declined it as total nonsense . According to MARCA, Spains largest sports newspaper, Laporta has advised Koeman not to give interviews, reducing tension between the two.
Koeman has been critical of Laporta several times over the past period, because he felt he was keeping himself on the line. Koeman said that in his own documentary Forรงa Koeman, which was not well received by a number of Barcelona board members. To bring peace back to Catalonia, Koeman has been asked not to do interviews.
Koeman can be seen on Sunday in the Fora Lรญmits programme, produced by the Catalan Golf Federation. There he talks about his role as head coach in Barcelona, but the programme was recorded a long time ago.