‘Laporta is laughing with that big head everywhere, but is just a turd’

Rafael van der Vaart does not leave a chip away from FC Barcelona. The Catalans are in a distressed financial situation, but continue to spend money. Mafioos, says Van der Vaart.
Barcelona took on Rayo Vallecano on Saturday evening, without Frenkie de Jong in the base. Van der Vaart finds it outright scandalous that the midfielder is driven to the exit because of his high salary. At the same time, Barcelona does offer newbies, for many millions of euros. โ€œA great shame,โ€ says the analyst, who is tough on Preses Joan Laporta. โ€œThat Laporta, who laughs with his big head everywhere when he has reached a new player… But ask a player to surrender a salary.โ€
โ€œIt‘s a gross scandal,โ€ continues Van der Vaart. โ€œI think that man (Laporta, ed.) thinks he’s the king, but he‘s just a turd.โ€ The former Dutch international wonders aloud how Barcelona gets the money to attract new players. โ€œIt can’t be done… But get other players and give them a crazy salary. It‘s a mafia, you have to deal with that very hard.โ€
Van der Vaart considers it unjustified that De Jong is seen as the culprit in Spain. โ€œHe is being evicted as a money wolf. That boy has done nothing wrong and wants to stay again,โ€ he says. โ€œWhere’
s Gerard Piquรฉ? Among other things, he has to protect Frenkie.โ€

Van der Vaart Barcelona policy ๐Ÿ’ฅ The analyst is very sorry for how Frenkie de Jong is handled while the club spends hundreds of millions on new players ๐Ÿ’ฐ #ZiggoSport #LaLiga #BarรงaVallecano pic.twitter.com/e7GBsjuQw2
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