Lara van Ruijven receives last tribute at Thialf on Wednesday evening

In and around the Thialf ice stadium in Heerenveen a final tribute to the recently deceased short track star Lara van Ruijven will take place on the evening of Wednesday 22 July. Last weekend Van Ruijven returned from France back to the Netherlands.

Wednesday evening she will be driven in a hearse to Thialf, after which the car will make a final lap over the ice. The family will say goodbye in private, as the family announces through obituaries in the national newspapers.

In the stadium itself, her teammates will form a hedge of honour for Van Ruijven. Friends, fans and other interested parties may pay a final tribute to Van Ruijven outside the stadium.

Autoimmune disease

The 27-year-old world champion was diagnosed with an immune system disorder at the end of June, after she became seriously ill during a training camp in the French Pyrenees. On 10 July, the world champion shorttracked to death from an autoimmune disease.

The highlight of her career was in 2019, when she was the first Dutch woman to win a world title in shorttrack. As reigning world champion at 500 metres, Van Ruijven was preparing for the new shorttrack season.

Shorttrackers Suzanne Schulting, Yara van Kerkhof and Rianne de Vries talked more than a week ago in France about the loss of teammate Lara van Ruijven.