Large bicycle bridge placed over the A2 faster than expected

Last night, a 160-metre long bicycle bridge across the A2 and N2 motorway was placed near Eindhoven. The job started at 10 p.m. yesterday evening and would last until 8 a.m. this morning. But it went faster than expected and the work will probably be finished sooner, reports Omroep Brabant.

This does not mean that cyclists can cross the bridge today. That will only be possible at the end of October.

Hundreds of people came to see how the danger was lifted over 14 lanes. They were allowed to stand on the Anthony Fokkerweg viaduct, which was closed to traffic from 8 p.m. last night.

People back home could watch the special operation live:

The new bridge is to become an icon of Eindhoven. “It will soon be a beautiful thing”, says project manager Kees Smaling of construction company Dura Vermeer. The bridge will span the entire motorway in one go, without support points.

Eindhoven wouldn’t be Eindhoven if something wasn’t done with the light as well. “As a motorist, you see the bridge changing colour very slowly,” says project manager Hendrik-Jan Vennix of the Municipality of Eindhoven. “The railing reacts to the speed at which someone passes the bridge.”

That doesn’t work if a lot of people cycle over it at the same time. “Then he can’t keep up, you’ll see some sort of light show.”


The bridge was given the name Tegenbosch, after the name of a farm that stood nearby and a district of Eindhoven. The construction and placement of the new bicycle bridge is part of work to improve the accessibility of the northwest of the city. This is important, among other things, for the companies located there and Eindhoven Airport.

Part of the morning the A2 and N2 are partially closed. Motorists can still get to Eindhoven Airport via the A58.