Large cargo of coke intercepted in port of Rotterdam, photo Escobar on packaging

The customs authorities have intercepted three large shipments of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam in the last few days from different countries. It‘s just over 2,000 kilos of hard drugs.

On Thursday, during a check, 150 kilos of cocaine was found on a seagoing ship from the Moroccan port city of Tangier. The party was hidden between a load of car parts. Dumpster came from Brazil.

Today, two more batches of drugs were found. A 420-pound batch of cocaine was hidden between paper in a dumpster from Chile. In a container of raisins, customs discovered another 531 kilos of hard drugs.

One find on the packaging of the drugs had photographs and the name of the infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

All three shipments were destined for companies outside the Netherlands, which probably had nothing to do with smuggling. Customs, the FIOD, the seaport police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office continue to investigate the practices. The drugs have been destroyed by now. As far as we know, no suspects have been apprehended.

Last year a total of 33,732 kilos of coke was seized by the authorities in the port of Rotterdam. That was almost doubling compared to 2018, when 18,947 kilos were intercepted in the port.