Large majority Swiss vote in gay marriage referendum

The Swiss voters voted in favour of gay marriage introduction by a vast majority. An exit poll by public broadcaster SRF shows that the yes camp achieved a resounding victory with 64 percent of the votes.

In Switzerland, gays and lesbians can already form a civil partnership, but they dont get the same rights as straight couples. Last December parliament passed a law that also opens up marriage to people of the same sex.

Opponents then gathered the 50,000 signatures needed to submit a referendum topic to the entire population. In the campaign, they were particularly hopeful against the part of the law that makes it possible for people of the same sex to adopt children. It was also an abomination for lesbians to have access to sperm donors. Children should be raised by a father and a mother, they think.

It is not yet clear when the first same-sex couples can get married in Switzerland. It may still take months because the law has yet to be officially introduced.