Large-scale “New War” story addition to Warframe to be released in December

Studio Digital Extremes announced that it will release a major expansion, The New War, to the fantastical online shooter Warframe in December. The update will continue the main story campaign, finally resolving some long-standing conflicts. After the collapse of the Orokin Empire and countless years of waiting for rebellion, the Mind Powers have gathered strength for a full-scale invasion and are ready to conquer a shattered and divided Original System.

Unleash your inner strength and master new characters, weapons, and a brand new Warframe as you fight among the stars. WarframeFor us to prepare for the coming war, November 16 begins game event Revival Prime.

During the event, we can earn a new resource called Aya and build the Prime Vanguard. And the Royal Ayas will give instant access to prime warframes, weapons and accessories.

The range of rewards will change weekly until January 18. More on Gamermania Failure of the Year: Players crash GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition At Battlefield 2042 launch, the game will not have voice chat Requests Payday beta tests: Crime War are already taking.