Large Spanish distribution network for drugs rolled up, also supplied to the Netherlands

The police in Spain have rolled up a drug network responsible for transferring large quantities of hashish and cocaine to Central Europe and the Netherlands. In several raids in several provinces, including Madrid and Valencia, twelve people were arrested and 600 kilograms of cocaine were seized.

View images of the police action here:

According to the police, this is the largest distribution network in Madrid. Among the arrests is a โ€œdrug lawyerโ€ who gave legal aid, advised the โ€œvery violentโ€ gang on money laundering issues and carried out transactions themselves. The leader of the gang comes from Morocco and was assisted by relatives and acquaintances.

Firearms, knuckles, a katana, EUR 700,000 in cash and 20 vehicles – including a Ferrari worth EUR 250,000 – were taken during the search.

The gang bought up a number of large hemp plantations in different parts of Spain, allowing them to finance the smuggling of hashish and cocaine to other countries. They packed the cocaine in smaller quantities than usual, making the packages easier to smuggle.

In the cars occupied there were compartments in which the drugs could be transported. The smugglers were always dressed in suits so they looked like businessmen. They also kept the drugs in different homes, so it would be more difficult to detect them. It shows the professionalism of the gang, detectives say.