Large wildfire Southern Spain after week under control

A large wildfire in southern Spain around the town of Estepona is under control after seven days. A firefighter died and 2600 people have had to leave their homes because of the fire.

According to the authorities of the Andalusia region, the fire was lit last Wednesday. About five hundred firefighters and 51 aircraft were in the process of extinguishing the fire. Light rain on Monday offered help.

Juanma Moreno region president reported on Twitter that the fire is under control. โ€œThe rain that has fallen in recent hours is our best ally,โ€ Moreno said. The president did warn that the fire wasn‘t out yet. โ€œIt’s still hard to put it out completely.โ€

The fire was sparked by constant high temperatures and strong winds before Monday. More than 8000 hectares of land has been destroyed.

Last summer, Greece, Italy and Turkey were also affected by severe forest fires.