Largest mural on The Witcher completed in Poland

The largest mural of The Witcher is now being flaunted in the Polish city of Łódź, a news shared by the official Twitter account of the game series. The project was completed in early October. The mural is located on several walls of the 26-storey building, and its height is 78 meters.

large-scale work in all of Poland. It was created by renowned Polish artist Jakub Rebelka, whose work The Witcher fans could see in Geralts memories in the second game.

The main source of inspiration for the fresco, as previously reported, was Caspar David Friedrichs painting Wanderer over a Sea of Fog of 1818. Some of Rebelkas works for & laquo; The Witcher 2 More on Gamemania Rainbow Six Siege returns the Curse of the Doctor event Jade Raymond explained why she decided to make a game for Sony Suicide Squad Authors: Kill the Justice League unveiled villain posters.