Last evacuation flight arrived at Schiphol Airport, hundreds of evacuees in Kabul

Around 1.40 p.m., the last flight of Defense has landed at Schiphol Airport with evacuรฉs from Afghanistan. On board there were 87 Dutch passengers.

Dutch diplomats and soldiers may return later today or at the weekend. They helped in the evacuations from the Afghan capital over the past few weeks.


Yesterday the last Dutch evacuation flight departed. It failed to bring all the people on evacuation lists with you. For example, 200 people who were on buses last night to a Dutch evacuation flight from Kabul were not able to join at the last minute. Reason was the deteriorating safety situation at the airport, where attacks were committed shortly later.

People had been told they were on an evacuation list, but their buses were turning more unfuller issues. They have been canceled by Dutch diplomats, sources report to DecceIT. Most people know where they are and how they are. A lot of them seems to be in touch.

Defense Minister Bijleveld said this morning that of the 67 interpreters still on evacuation lists, about half are still in Afghanistan. The rest has been taken to the Netherlands.

8500 logins

Over the past few weeks, some 8,500 people have reportedly reported to Dutch embassy staff in Afghanistan to be eligible for evacuation to the Netherlands. They called on the extension of the admission policy that the House of Representatives enforced to the demissionary cabinet ten days ago.

Initially, only Afghan interpreters and their families were allowed to come to the Netherlands. Under pressure from the House of Representatives, this was expanded to include human rights activists, journalists, fixers and military staff. It is not yet known how many of the 8,500 people were actually entitled to evacuation and which names came on departure lists.

2500 evacuees

Since the Taliban‘s takeover, Dutch aircraft took over 2,500 people. Of them 1,600 people as their final destination had the Netherlands, the government announced yesterday.

Other countries continue to evacuate people after yesterday’s bloody attack.

These include 800 Dutch, 300 interpreters and their family members and 211 embassy staff. It includes staff from the European Union, the United Nations and NATO, and others eligible for evacuation, such as human rights defenders, local employees of Dutch aid organizations and people working for Dutch media.


The Netherlands can do little for the lagging behind. The Dutch diplomats and military are gone and the last Americans leave next week.

The government reported yesterday that a transport aircraft with a small group of soldiers is left behind, in case there is an option to evacuate โ€œagainst expectationโ€. That device is probably in a neighbouring country.