Last refueling without test leads to Dutch traffic jams at German pumps

At petrol stations just across the border in Germany there are rows of Dutch cars. Starting tomorrow, Dutch people must be able to submit a negative corontest if they go to Germany.

In Elten, across the border at Beek in Gelderland, there was a traffic jam this morning at the Star Tankstelle petrol station, reports Omroep Gelderland. The petrol is about 20 cents per litre cheaper than in the Netherlands.

In the border towns of Tüddern, Kaldenkerken and Goch many Dutch people came, just like in Herzogenrath, just across the border at Kerkrade:

Yesterday, Germany declared the Netherlands a high-risk area, due to the high number of coronavirus infections. The Dutch must therefore show a recent negative test result from tomorrow. There is an exception for border workers.

Now the Netherlands is still listed asordinaryrisk area, which means that Dutch people should only be able to show a negative test result after a stay of 48 hours in Germany. Strict border controls are not yet in place. However, people have to register their trip online and can be put aside by the German police for a check.