Last residents away from azc Weert

Next Tuesday the asylum seekers centre in Weert will be closed for good. Today the last twenty residents will leave the building. 1Limburg writes that they will be transferred to a reception location in Musselkanaal in Groningen.

In 2015, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) made agreements with the municipality of Weert. For five years, a thousand asylum seekers were received in the Van Horne Barracks, the former Royal Military School. That term expires next week.

The asylum seekers centre was often in the news because of fights, alcohol and drug use, intimidation and theft caused by a group of asylum seekers who had exhausted all legal remedies.

In February, COA asked the municipality to keep the asylum seekers centre open for a longer period of time due to a shortage of reception places. The municipality did not accept this request. Former mayor Jos Heijmans already indicated last year that he wanted to stick to the five years.