Last Stops close release timed three trailers at once

In a couple of days, on July 22, Annapurna Interactive will release Variable State Studios Last Stop adventure game, Last Stop, on July 22. And the premiere was decided to be reminded of not one trailer, but at once, the decision is not random: Last Stops plot consists of three separate stories, which are unrelated. They all take place in London these days.

And what else brings them together, we have to find out as we go through. The story of single father John and his neighbor, the carefree bachelor Jack, looks the most optimistic.

Two men of someones strange will have swapped bodies, and now they have to spend a lot of time together to effectively deal with the situation. Schoolgirl Donna and friends decide to play detectives- amateurs to follow an extremely suspicious stranger.

However, the game turns around an unexpected disaster, and now a strange man is in captivity. The third story is about the ambitious careerist Mina.

She is battling for a prestigious position while simultaneously trying to sort out her family situation. And soon, her life finds another complexity.

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