‘Last year Huntelaar ate fish at Heerenveen and had already doubts about return’

Honorary President Riemer van der Velde has asked Klaas-Jan Huntelaar by e-mail to return to sc Heerenveen. The 37-year-old assailant allegedly had doubts about going to Friesland a year ago.
Van der Velde tells about his e-mail to Huntelaar at Radio Camataru. โ€œI just happened to send him some recently. I spoke to Karel Brandsma (a scout by Heerenveen, red.) on the phone. And then I asked, โ€œWhat do you think of Huntington?โ€ Karel said it wouldn‘t be crazy. Then I sent Klaas-Jan an e-mail saying, โ€œThink about it.โ€
Van der Velde claims that Huntelaar, who played in Friesland between 2004 and 2006, was already close to a Heerenveen comeback a year ago. โ€œLast year he ate a fish here and had doubts,โ€ says Van der Velde. โ€œHe wanted to talk to me and Ted van Leeuwen (now technical director at NEC, red.) about a possible return. I said: Come to Heerenveen, we can use you here.โ€
Huntelaar will be transfer-free next summer, after Schalke 04 announced that the striker’
s contract will not be renewed. However, the question remains whether Huntelaar is still a professional footballer next season: the routine announced in the first half of the previous football season that he was going to quit. De Graafschap also dreams about the arrival of Huntelaar, although a possible comeback was only nuanced.