Laura on her way to the US grew into a category 3 hurricane

Tropical storm Laura, which last weekend killed people and caused trouble in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, has turned into a hurricane and is now on its way to the U.S.A.

Above the deep and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Laura has developed into a Category 3 hurricane. The U.S. Hurricane Center NHC expects that today it will become a category 4, the second highest.

Satellite images show that Laura has become “a formidable hurricane” in the last few hours, which has become stronger very quickly. “There are no signs that it’s going to stop soon,” the NHC says.

Between Houston and New Orleans by

Laura travels precisely between the major cities of Houston and New Orleans. The hurricane is expected to reach the country southeast of the city of Lake Charles in Louisiana. Since yesterday, precautions have been taken there and people have been evacuated. The coastal town of Galveston, near Houston, will not be hit, American meteorologists expect.

The hurricane is still a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Louisiana and is moving at about 25 kilometers per hour to the northwest. The wind blows 175 kilometres per hour, sometimes with even louder gusts of wind.

“We are seeing storm surge heights of more than 5 metres”, says hurricane specialist Stacy Stewart of the NHC. “Some areas, when they wake up on Thursday morning, won’t believe what happened. What isn’t blown down by the wind can easily be knocked over by the rising ocean water pushing well inland.”

Harm and killing in Haiti