Lava flow destroyed next village: collapse houses filmed

Lava continues to flow from a volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma for the fourth day in a row on Wednesday. There, for safety reasons, Dutch holidaymakers had to be relocated in recent days.

See the latest footage from the island below.

In the meantime, residents of places in the path of the lava are desperate to save their possessions. In Todoque people are loading furniture, bicycles, mattresses, clothes and other items into vehicles.

The village seems to be wiped out by the lava flow. Footage shows buildings collapse and flames due to the lava flow. There are dozens of homes in the village, especially places for tourists.

โ€œThe most important thing is to bring documents that govern our ownership rights,โ€ one resident told channel RTVE. โ€œThat‘s what they’re going to ask about later when there‘s nothing left up here.โ€

Drone footage shows that multiple lava flows are on the way to the coast. They’re destroying everything in their path, including a school. Authorities have evacuated about 6,000 of the 83,000 people on the island since Sunday.

There have been no casualties due to the Cumbre Vieja eruption as far as we know, but there is a lot of property damage. There would be at least 320 buildings destroyed. Regional leader Angel Victor Torres expects the damage to reach 400 million euros.

Explosions and toxic fumes

Experts warn of the consequences as the lava reaches the sea. This can lead to explosions and the release of toxic fumes. The authorities have therefore closed off part of the sea near the island to keep spectators at bay.

The lava flow has a temperature of about 1000 degrees and was about 2 kilometres from the coast on Tuesday evening. Then the lava moved at a rate of about 200 meters per hour. It is still unclear when the sea is reached, as the speed can change again.

The Canary Island also featured Dutch tourists at the time of the eruption. Dozens of those vacationers had to be evacuated as access roads to their hotel threatened to be blocked by the volcanic eruption.