Lava flows into the sea and forms submarine pyramid, see the images here

Red hot lava from the volcano that has been plaguing the Canary island of La Palma for a week and a half reached the Atlantic Ocean late Tuesday night. On the way to the sea, the lava destroyed roads, buildings and crops.

Television footage showed white steam rising from the coastline near Playa Nueva, where the lava flowed into the sea. According to Spanish media, the lava that falls into the sea has now formed a kind of submarine pyramid of at least 50 metres high.

The gases released are a small risk to the local population, according to the authorities. Many of these gases have been blown to sea by the wind. Before the lava reached the sea, thousands of people had already been evacuated. Three coastal villages were closed off.

See the daylight live images of the Spanish newspaper El Pais here:

Hundreds of houses have been destroyed. The lava covers an area of at least 500 football fields. On Tuesday, the Spanish government declared La Palma a disaster area due to the volcanic eruption. This will include emergency grants and other support measures. The first aid package has a value of EUR 10.5 million.