Lava on La Palma reaches ocean, large clouds of smoke above sea

The lava flow from the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma has reached the Atlantic Ocean. This leads to huge clouds of smoke, as shown by images of Spanish television.

According to correspondent Rop Zoutberg, who is staying at La Palma, local residents receive the urgent call to stay in doors.

Hard Predictable

Over the past few days, the lava has threatened to reach the sea. Because it was feared that explosions would occur, residents of part of the west coast of the Canary Island were evacuated.

The speed at which the lava flows across La Palma is difficult to predict. Since the eruption on September 19, there have been new eruptions, where the lava is sometimes viscous and sometimes much more liquid.

New lava flows are also emerging. A house that seemed to be spared miraculously was thus destroyed by the lava yesterday.