Lavezzi Rutjes gets his own TV show about Who’s the Mol?

Lavezzi Rutjes, the son of soccer player Nathan Rutjes, gets his own TV show. It is called Mollenstreken and can be seen from Sunday at 18:45 on NPO Zapp. In the program he will discuss what happened that night in the TV program Wie is de Mol?.

7 years old

Lavezzi is 7 years old and is in group 4. He can be seen on TV more often. In the beginning of the corona crisis he did every day sports exercises for home in the program Zappsport @ Home

In the video below Nathan answers questions from children and also tells about Lavezzi:

In the new season of Who’s the Mole? all former participants take part. They’ll get another chance to unmask the mole. That program will be on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on NPO 1.