Lawyer: fine Grapperhaus is ‘one-two’ with OM

The fact that Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus was fined for violating the corona rules during his marriage cannot be a coincidence. This is the argument of lawyer Frank van Ardenne, who, on behalf of, among others, the Schiedam pie eaters, has asked for their corona fines to be waived. Prime Minister Rutte considers the fine to be proof that there was no class justice.

My clients suspect that this is a one-two between the Public Prosecutors Office and the Minister, to be ahead of reviewing previous cases. Thats what it looks like, he says. Grapperhaus is thus taking an advance on a refusal to review previous cases, where people have been fined and thus given a criminal record

Van Ardenne says he has not yet received a reply from the Ministry of Justice and Security to his request for remission. I think it would be decent for us to get a prompt reply now, especially in the light of todays news


The fine for the cake eaters concerned a couple in Schiedam who were visited in May this year by their parents who were on the pavement with cake. Because one of the parents could not walk stairs, they decided to eat the cake outside at a distance of 1.5 metres. Subsequently, enforcers imposed fines of almost EUR 400 per person for gathering in the open air

According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the fact that the Minister of Justice, Ferd Grapperhaus, is fined almost a month after his wedding is the proof that there is no class justice According to the Prime Minister, Grapperhaus did not interfere with the decision of the Public Prosecutors Office to impose a fine on him anyway.

The Public Prosecutors Office has said: Since this concerns a minister who is particularly responsible for enforcing the rules, we consider this to be a special situation and have therefore decided to do so, said Rutte in his weekly press conference after the Council of Ministers. The Public Prosecutor himself writes in a press release that the imposition of the fine serves the credibility of the enforcement of the corona rules, of which the Minister of Justice and Security is the figurehead

The fine was announced in the week of the most important political debates, in which PVV leader Geert Wilders fiercely opposed Rutte and Grapperhaus and called the course of events around the wedding class justice. This has nothing to do with each other, swears Rutte, who emphasised that the Public Prosecution Service is independent.

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According to Rutte, the fact that Grapperhaus may soon decide to reduce the corona fine, and will probably ensure that receiving such a fine does not automatically lead to a criminal record, is not a problem at present either. After all, the discussion has been going on for some time, the Prime Minister argues. In the debate on the Grapperhaus wedding, the Chamber had already indicated that it wished to withdraw the note on the coronation fine.