Lawyer of cousin Promes: “They took a selfie together.”

Quincy Promes does not have to fear his participation in the European Championships in response to the stabbing incident. Yehudi Moszkowicz, the alleged victims lawyer, indicates that there is no legal means to keep the 29-year-old attacker out of the selection of Orange.
Promes got involved in a stab incident last year, where he would have seriously wounded his cousin at a family party in Abcoude. Moszkowicz said in De Cceit on Saturday that he wants the Public Prosecutor to make a decision on any prosecution before the EK start – next Friday -. At Humberto, however, the lawyer barely suggests that they have any resources to enforce that.
Moszkowicz and his client
take serious consideration that the pros have not yet made a decision due to the final tournament. If the prosecution does not want to prosecute or do not want to make decisions, we can file an article 12 complaint (no prosecution complaint, ed.), the attorney says. Thats a few months journey, but thats the only way we have. So at the moment we do not have an effective remedy. Theres nothing we can do at all.
Moszkowicz states that Promess cousin can only guess about the occasion of the stab incident. Then he has to think about something from the past, because there was no dirt on the air. He was invited, everyone knew he was there. It was a fun evening, he and Promes even talked to each other and took a selfie.

What would be the reason for the stabbing that football player Quincy Promes would be involved in? Thats a really good question. My client says I have no idea, said Yehudi Moszkowicz, the alleged victims lawyer. #Humberto
— Humberto (@HumbertoRTL) June 9, 2021